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Amateurs - Czech Hunter 350 (640 x 360p 425.91 Mb)

Amateurs - Czech Hunter 350 (640 x 360p 425.91 Mb)

My plan for today was to go shopping and looking for boys at the same time. It seemed like killing two birds with one stone. But not every plan works. As soon as I started, I got a call from a boy I met only a few months ago. He desperately needed money so he offered himself and his friend at my disposal. I was willing to give the guy another go but I wanted to see the friend first. To be honest, he was a lot better looking than I expected. I really wanted to watch them doing naughty things to each other. It was a beautiful day so I decided to have fun outside. We drove outside Prague and settled on a nice meadow. We had an amazing threesome. I let them take care of me nicely and then showed them how to play with each other. The „straight friends“ loved it!

Gays Star: Amateurs
Gays Title: Czech Hunter 350

Length: 425.91 Mb
Duration: 00:46:25
Video: AVC, 640x360, (16:9), 25 Fps, 1150 Kbs

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