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The Experiment [Gays 480p 1.56 Gb]

The Experiment [Gays 480p 1.56 Gb]

One of the best films in the Jaguar collection, The Experiment tells the touching story of two best friends whose "experiment" with gay sex with each leads to confusion. Billy Joe and Gary Lee live in a dust-bowl-like area in the American Southwest. They are handsome, young, best buds and dont have a care in the world. That is, until they act on their desires and make love to each other. The night of passion leaves Billy Joe confused, ("It wasnt meant to mean anything!") as he then leaves his home, his job at his Pas diner/gas station and wanders the area, embarking on a sexual odyssey in search of himself. Even Gary Lee gets it on with others. But the two teens really love each other. Will fate and the power of true love bring them back together? A coming out scene with one of the teens fathers is shockingly heartfelt. The young men are uniformly attractive, the sex hot yet tender and the film a cut above just about any fuck film made these past 30 years.

Gays Star: Dave Craig
Gays Title: The Experiment
Gays Studio: Jaguar Productions, Bijou

Length: 1.56 Gb
Duration: 01:48:26
Video: VC-1, 640x480, (4:3), 29.97 Fps, 1915 Kbs

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