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Str8Hell.com: Pavel Sora - Hot Ass (1920 x 1080p 586.31 Mb)

Str8Hell.com: Pavel Sora - Hot Ass (1920 x 1080p 586.31 Mb)

Pavel Sora is such a hot and sexy straight guy. He looks great, showing off his hot body as he lays on the bed. Then a helping hand starts to feel all over Pavel's sexy chest. The hands grope Pavel's jeans too and then releases his cock as well. The cock and balls are out of the jeans which are pulled off Pavel's legs. Oil is dripped all over him and the hands then start to rub it in. Pavel's cock is wanked and his balls are rubbed as he lays back and enjoys the feeling. That oily cock grows as it is wanked. The big balls are rubbed and squeezed too. With his cock hard Pavel's legs are lifted to show off his hot hole. Fingers rub over that hole as the cock is wanked. Then the hands spread the cheeks wider and a finger is pushed into that tight hole. Pavel's cock is wanked as the finger fucks into his hot hole. The finger fucks deep, right up to the knuckle. Then it is pulled out for the hole to be examined. That finger fucks back into the hole, working in and out. More oil is taken and two fingers push into the hole. That hot hole takes the two fingers as they push deep inside. Then a vibrator is worked so deep into the tight ass hole as Pavel holds his legs in the air. With the hole opened up a dildo fucks into it, working it well. Pavel turns over, onto his knees, still showing off his sexy ass. His heavy balls hang between his legs as the toy pushes back into his tight hole. Then it is pulled out and the cheeks are spread to open that hole up some too. That hole gets more fucking and further inspections before Pavel turns over and wanks his cock. He keeps wanking until his dick gives up the creamy cum. Pavel milks that cock dry as cum clings to his fingers and his balls.

Gays Star: Pavel Sora
Gays Title: Hot Ass
Gays Studio: Str8Hell.com

Length: 586.31 Mb
Duration: 00:20:00
Video: AVC, 1920x1080, (16:9), 25 Fps, 4000 Kbs

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